Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cake type: Fruit Flan-1 kg
This is the birthday cake i gifted to my hb. For celebrating his 32's yrs old. When i recall back... Now only i know that this is the 1st time i present him a birthday cake. I ordered it thru my colleagues-KakNor. Easy, simple and nice to eat.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do-It-Yourself CAKES

Above shown some pictures for DIY cakes. Now, u can make /design your own cake (even you are kids) at shopping mall now. u just pay the cake chef, and he will provide u different colours of butter cream, together with some cutie pattern sugar toppings. U can give your self design cakes to your lovers, friends and family. I found it very new and i never seen these business before in m'sia. So, i just took some pics and post it on my blog.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Masyarakat pada zaman dahulu mengenal seseorang dgn melihat tanda pada badannya.Diturunkan di sini firasat tentang tahi lalat. Sejauhmana kebenarannya tidaklah diketahui dgn jelas. Namun begitu,ia biasa diajarkan di kalangan Masyarakat Melayu. Hanyalah sekadar menambah pengetahuan.

Bagian Badan Firasat
bibir atas kanan banyak rezeki, pandai
bibir atas kiri ramai kawan, baik hati
bibir bawah kanan disegani orang, ramai yg suka
bibir bawah kiri pandai bicara, tak mudah kalah
leher kanan cerdas, jujur, berani menderita
leher kiri cerdas dlm segala hal dan banyak pengetahuan
leher di tengah tercapai cita-cita
biji mata kanan suka serong dan pembohong
biji mata kiri pembohong tetapi baik hati
hujung mata kanan baik hati, sopan santun, cerdas
hujung mata kiri baik budi, murah rezeki
punggung kanan agak mengalami kesulitan
punggung kiri malas dan suka duduk
betis kanan suka berhibur, boros
betis kiri rajin,tidak suka menganggur
lutut kanan bersikap tidak peduli dan tak mahu berusaha
lutut kiri kurang kuat berusaha
kepala sebelah kanan terkabul cita-cita
kepala sebelah kiri sering menemui kesusahan
kepala sebelah belakang jujur, sabar dan tekun
kening kanan cerdas dan cekap
kening kiri cerdas, sopan santun
tengah kening keras hati, berani segala hal
hujung mulut kanan kecil rezeki, tak mudah kalah
hujung mulut kiri suka berpoya-poya
ketiak kanan dapat menyimpan rahsia
ketiak kiri jujur, banyak yang cinta
pergelangan kaki kanan suka berpergian (keluar rumah)
pergelangan kaki kiri kehendak kuat
batang hidung banyak dicintai orang dan dapat menjadi kaya
pada hidung banyak rezeki
dagu bawah kanan jujur dan baik hati
dagu bawah kiri bijak sana dan berbudi luhur
kemaluan kanan atau kiri baik, suka senggama
di kepala kemaluan (lelaki) bakal beristeri 2
tumit kanan jujur dan banyak kawan
tumit kiri baik budi
alis kanan suka menolong, baik hati
alis kiri ramai yang suka
pangkal peha kanan kemahuan kuat
pangkal peha kiri suka kerja apa pun
telapak kaki kanan tak mudah mengeluh
jari kaki kanan suka menolong
jari kaki kiri berbudi, suka berbuat baik
bahu kanan cermat dlm membuat keputusan, banyak tanggungan
bahu kiri suka kerja keras, banyak tanggungjawab
buah dada kanan baik hati, pendiam,simpan rahsia
buah dada kiri ramai kawan, setia pada pasangan
lengan kanan setia dan taat pada atasan
lengan kiri menepati janji dan rajin
pipi kanan ramai teman
tengah-tengah pipi kanan ramai yg suka
tengah-tengah pipi kiri ramai teman
ubun-ubun kurang jujur
pusat cerdas, tangkas, tekun
pusat bahagian kanan sejahtera dalam hidup
pusat bahagian kiri beroleh kemliaan
pinggang kanan sayang pada pasangan hidup
pinggang kiri disayang pasangan hidup
dada kanan dapat mengatasi masalah
dada kiri berani, jujur dan sabar
telapak kaki kanan tak mudah mengeluh
telapak kaki kiri baik budi pekertinya
siku tangan kanan kuat ingin memiliki kekayaan
siku tangan kiri baik hati, suka menolong
jari tangan kanan serba beroleh keuntungan
jari tangan kiri serba baik bekerja
jari telapak tangan kanan banyak rezeki tapi boros
jari telapak tangan kiri banyak rezeki dan cermat
perut bawah kanan banyak rezeki, suka memberi maaf
perut bawah kiri baik hati, tenang hidupnya
sudut mata kanan dalam disayang suami atau isteri
sudut mata kiri dalam tidak mudah dilupakan pasangan
sudut mata kanan luar baik budi, ramai yg cinta
pelipis kiri murah rezeki, dpt jadi kaya
pelipis kanan serba berhasil dalam usaha
kelopak mata kanan atas baik hati, ramah, berjaya
kelopak mata kiri atas baik budi, ramai yg suka
kelopak mata kanan bawah agak malas
kelopak mata kiri bawah
agak bodoh, kurang bijaksana

*p/s: maklumat dari emel kawan

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Few seconds that i took!

Just a far view camcorder fire crackers that i recorded at my condo balcony, time:10.30pm. My husband told me that it happend @ the padang which located in front of ampcorp mall. A concert was organised there.

2009 Calendar (TVB-HK )

Thursday, December 11, 2008

4 hrs long queue in immigration office

I went to renew my passport today in pusat damansara as today is public holiday (Birthday Sultan of Selangor). my frens and my mum told me that there is a new alternative (faster) way - Kippas Kiosk to renew passport, less people using it (bcoz it "baru launch") and no need to wait very long as all the process are computer/machine generated. So, i feel very curious about it and want to have a try 4 the kiosk.
I reach there quite late, about 9am, after parked my car at open carpark. My hubby and i walked towards the building, wondering which block is our target? At last, we found the immigration place, which was crowded by a lot of people. A long queue inside the kiosk place also. I quickly took 4pcs passport photo which cost me rm14.40. (much more expensive compare to 5 yrs price-rm8 ago). At the same time, my hubby lined up for me.
I wonder why the line queue was so long? only total of 4 nos. of kiosk inside the room, but 2 of it were "under fixing-out of order". That's means only 2 machines are functioning. After struggle standing and waiting for 4 hours, finally, i collect my new passport inside the immigration office successfully.
Because of the long waiting time, so i got a chance to try the Mc breakfast-Mc sausage burger with hash brown and refillable Arabian coffee today (which i wish to try it long time oledi). I want to try 2ND option-Mc egg set meal b4 11am next time.

Strongly recommended Japanese movie - "Be with you"

A very touching love story i seen just now, talking about the precious love of one couple and a son. and how they manage their warm hearted family life ... I, myself love this movie very much, and will keep a copy indeed :)
About The Program
Title: Be With you 藉着雨点说爱你, <大约在雨季>
JapaneseCast: Shidou Nakamura 中村狮童, Yuko Takeuchi 竹内结子,
Year 2004 production

Takumi (Shidou Nakamura) and his six-year-old son Yuji (Akashi Takei) have to fend for themselves following the death of wife Mio (Yuko Takeuchi). Mio left Yuji a picture book in which she departs for ´The Archive Star´ but re-appears during the rainy season the following year, and he eagerly awaits her return. Taking a walk in the forest outside their house, Taku and Yuji find a woman sheltering from the rain and immediately accept her as Mio. She has no memory or sense of identity and goes with them to their home. Family life resumes. However, they have to part again in six weeks´ time...
秋穗巧(中村狮童饰)和6岁的儿子佑司(武井证饰)相依为命,两人过着平静的日子。在梅雨季节开始的一个雨天,一年前就已经去世的妻子泠(竹内结子饰)出现在林中,呆呆地站在父子二人面前。虽然泠失去了所有的记忆,但是巧和佑司仍然很高兴地将她迎入家门,三个人又开始了不可思议的共同生活。  看着昔日的爱人重新回到自己身边,丈夫巧充满爱怜地讲起了他们的恋爱史,但是妻子对这一切没有半点反应。不久后,夫妻二人又开始陷入了第二次恋爱,一起默默重温了过去的种种美好。尽管母亲的回归有点离奇,但长久未能感受到温暖母爱的佑司,心中也充满了不可抑止的喜悦。  六周后,随着雨季的结束,泠必须再次面对与丈夫、儿子分别的命运。但是,三人的心中却永远留下了一样宝贵的东西,想抹也抹不掉……